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Home free of bacteria and viruses

bacteria cleaning

Start of washing machines

Do you think that washing the cleanest place in your home? Think again. Dirty laundry machine will fill with bacteria, which means that each subsequent washing will be less effective. To be machine clean, wash it once a week arc, but do not put your underwear. To kill all bacteria, inflammation is at the highest temperature.

Properly wash towels

If one person uses one towel, it should not be washed for a week. Modify it at every wash if you are sick. Towels that you use during exercise, wash immediately after training. Kitchen towels wash separately from the laundry and towels. Towels for wiping hands wash every few days and every time when guests leave. Towel-dry outside air.

Do not forget the bedroom

Wash all bedding weekly in hot water, or more frequently if someone is sick. Do not eat or chew in bed because food scraps attract mold and bacteria.

Disinfect the living room

Bacteria were collected everywhere, especially in places and things that all surfaces, such as telephones, remote control or trays for glasses. Clean them regularly with wipes for disinfection. Crumbs and food debris cleaned immediately to the bacteria Accumulate on floors and furniture.

Clean the handles and knobs

The bacteria spread quickly on the handle of the network, switches and knobs. Once a week they disinfect disinfectant wipes, and if someone in the family is ill or you have guests, disinfect them often.

Clean the workbench

The keyboard, desk and mobile phone can have a lot of bacteria, especially if you are not the only beneficiary of these things. Use a vacuum to clean the keyboard of food residue or dust, then her and all the other things disinfect wipe.

Do not forget to sink

Do not worry about the bathrooms, the kitchen sink is the second dirtiest place in the home. Sponge for washing dishes contain a lot of bacteria because it is wet, which makes it suitable for the development and growth of bacteria. Sink once a day to clean with disinfectant and sunđerčić soak and put it in the microwave for 60 seconds to kill all bacteria.

Clean the fridge

Fridge is a place that should always be clean. Inside it, clean it thoroughly with warm water and soap every few months. How to remove foul odor, mix water and vinegar and wipe the inside of the refrigerator. You can wash it with a mixture of water and baking soda. If something is spilled, clean it immediately.


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