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Cancer – Treatment therapy by Rudolf Breuss

Large number of people has cured cancer and leukemia with the “total treatment” from Rudolf Breuss and how he stood out among more than 45,000. What is it?

cancer shake

This therapy is one of the first in the form of a “cancer diet”, as it is based on the fact that the patient 42 days completely renounce the protein (proteins). In this way, due to the lack of food they need, “cancer cell” itself becoming extinct. Healthy cells, during that time, feed with vegetable juices and teas.

And this is all the patient has to diet for 42 days.

Here are the exact daily menu “cancer therapy” by Rudolf Breuss:

Juices from root vegetables raw (exclusively organic, may not contain the cellulose, the woody parts of vegetables. Are prepared fresh each day): beet (300 ml), carrot (100 ml), celery (100 ml), black radish (30 ml), potato (30 ml).

Teas have to clean up in the same proportion – as much you drink and you have a second and third, and they are: sage, lungwort and geranium.

In the morning, afternoon and evening, with no sugar or any other food or drinks, the usual dose is half a liter of juice and a pint of tea.

The key is to have fresh juices prepared and tested organic. The aim was to establish a balance of the blood alaklno acid. (pH should be 7.4, but in patients with the lower face).

It is necessary for patients to move during treatment and they can lose up to 15 pounds.

Not surprisingly, many doctors did not believe that a man can survive 42 days without protein, but based on the evidence proved that we can do with it yet to beat cancer.

Of course, this does not guarantee a cure or a miracle, and it is advisable to consult with your doctor about this treatment.

Breuss recommended that after 42-day therapy, gradually introducing a lighter food with less salt and thus two or four weeks before you return to your regular diet for patients with cancer. He also advised that, after treatment, you should never eat reheated food.

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