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How to deal with gestational diabetes

Diabetes in pregnancy can not be a terrible diagnosis if you follow medical instructions and strictly follow advice. We are here to meet your needs and bring you some useful information that will help you deal with gestational diabetes.

gestational diabetes

Most pregnant women who receive this diagnosis are scared for the baby’s, but also for their own health. Although it sounds awful diabetes during pregnancy is very easy to keep under control, all you have to do is to go to something CECS control, change the diet and, if necessary, take medication regularly.

Gestational diabetes is a fairly common occurrence and develop in as many as two to 10 percent of pregnant women. The main cause of this type of diabetes is a baby crib that connects with your inventory levels, it produces a large amount of various hormones. Almost all of these hormones are associated with insulin in cells which increases blood sugar levels. As the baby grows, the placenta produces more hormones that block insulin. In most women, this does not pose any problem because their pancreas produce the right amount of insulin, which keeps blood sugar levels stable. On the other hand, in some women, the pancreas simply can not keep pace secretion of hormones that block the insulin and the development of gestational diabetes.

Treatment and Nutrition

Doctor first advise is eating or changes in diet. In the first place you should pay attention to taking a certain number of carbohydrates so blood sugar levels remained stable. If you are fit and feeling good doctor will recommend light exercise, because exercise lowers blood sugar by stimulating the body to move glucose into the cells where it is used as fuel.

If necessary you will have to follow your own blood sugar levels using a special apparatus, it is usually done in the morning on an empty stomach, so after each meal. Some women only change of diet is not enough to make your blood sugar stable, but will need a doctor in this case may prescribe medicines that you need to drink regularly. In extreme cases there are injections of insulin that have to give to yourself.

If your doctor advises medications or injections you do not need to worry about because it’s pretty painless and simple. The only thing it might create a problem are frequent checks, because some pregnant women have to go to the doctor twice a week so the doctor can carefully monitor your state.

It is noteworthy that gestational diabetes should be carefully monitored and if left unchecked can lead to numerous complications such as low birth weight babies, and reduced blood sugar levels, premature birth and a greater risk to the baby develop type 2 diabetes later in life. On the other hand, pregnant women may encounter problems such as high blood pressure, preeclampsia, and type 2 diabetes later in life. On the other hand, if you follow the advice of your doctor the possibility of all the risks of complications drastically decreases. Most pregnant women with gestational diabetes born perfectly healthy babies.

Also things you need to pay attention is that if you had gestational diabetes during your first pregnancy, there is a risk that you are going to develop and in each subsequent, but not necessarily.

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