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What foods should be avoided during breastfeeding

Mothers who breastfeed their babies should pay special attention to your diet and to eat well-balanced nutrients and enjoy the food. But, there are certain foods that we have to keep in mind during the breastfeeding period. Here are the foods that should be avoided during breastfeeding.

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There are certain foods that during the period of lactation should be a avoided, and we bring you a list of the reasons.


We are sure that most of you in this loud booing, but if you are breast-feeding a coffee should actually be minimized or completely removed. The caffeine contained in coffee, tea or certain energy drinks enters the mother’s milk. Since babies are not able to excrete caffeine at the same rate as adults, too much caffeine in their body can lead to irritation, nervousness and insomnia. Reduce your consumption of coffee to a minimum and drink is just after breastfeeding.


Be careful with chocolate because this favorite delicacy as well as tea and coffee contains certain doses of caffeine. Although these amounts far less pay attention to how your baby acts after breastfeed, and you ate the chocolate, and, if necessary, reduce enjoying this treat.

Citrus fruits

Certain components found in citrus fruits can irritate the still underdeveloped gastrointestinal tract in infants which can lead to nausea and spitting. To replace the intake of vitamin C, citrus fruit instead of eating mango or papaya.


That broccoli, cauliflower and other vegetables from the same family affects the occurrence of gases and anxiety in babies is regarded as one of the “fairy tale”, but most nursing mothers experience argues otherwise. If you ate for lunch broccoli and baby’s evening had trouble sleeping and spasms, perhaps the culprit is precisely this healthy plant. Instead of completely eject from eating broccoli, simply reduce the amount and do not eat it raw, but by thermal treatment to couples.


Occasionally, a glass of wine with dinner, there should not be a concern, but more than that during breastfeeding does not come into consideration.

Spicy foods

Some mothers may add extra chillies in their food, and that their babies do not react, on the other hand, there are babies who pinches of chili peppers for a meal can be a nervous hours. Replace hot pepper sauces and ginger juice or lime.


Wonderful aromas of toasted bread, coated with fresh garlic may not have such a good taste for your baby as you have. Consumption of large quantities of garlic can cause the milk to reach its aroma as babies can be repulsive.

In Italy, where garlic is eaten in large quantities mothers is recommended that you do not eat the first few months of breastfeeding while in India, mothers are encouraged to eat garlic as they want because it is believed that the taste of garlic baby gets used to the taste of the food for adults.


If you or someone in your family has an allergy to certain foods before you eat peanuts while breastfeeding think twice. According to various associations dealing with allergies all the mothers who have family members who are allergic to certain foods you should avoid foods known as powerful allergens during breastfeeding, such as peanuts and other nuts, berries, honey, …

If you are eating peanuts during breastfeeding and it turns out that your baby is sensitive or allergic, it may appear eczema, skin rash, hives, or difficulty breathing. There are also cases of allergic infants who do not show any symptoms.


If you notice that your baby has symptoms with tears, pain or blood in the stool, and you ate pasta or sandwiches in question may be an allergy to wheat. To eliminate this option, while the diet eject products from wheat and watch the baby behaves.

Dairy products

It is well known that many babies intolerant to cow’s milk and can therefore react if you drink a lot of milk, yogurt or eat a lot of ice cream. Symptoms that indicate intolerance to milk cramps, vomiting, insomnia, dry, rough and red skin at certain places.

In addition to all these foods listed special attention still needs to pay attention to:

  • Eggs
  • Soy
  • Fish and seafood
  • Fresh mint and parsley

Eggs, soy and seafood are very strong allergens and if you have a family those who have certain allergies be careful with their use. Fish is a very healthy food, which is generally recommended, but due to the concentration of mercury in certain species should be careful. Avoid swordfish, shark, mackerel and fish list. Fish that are most used, which has a very small amount of mercury is canned tuna, salmon, catfish, cod and shrimp.

Fresh mint or tea from this plant during breastfeeding should be avoided because they can influence the reduction of milk. Peppermint tea in a holistic used as a remedy for the termination of lactation, and has the same impact and parsley if consumed in large quantities.

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