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Do you know what is Whole30 diet that flooded Instagram?

Late last year, Instagram was flooded with photos from meals that fall into Whole30 diet program that promises a lot of emotional and physical benefits, and it was designed by Dallas and Melissa Hartwih, a husband and wife who have really a lot of experience when it comes to nutrition, anatomy and physical therapy. Here’s what it really is.

Whole30 diet food

The creators of this program claim that it will reset the metabolism and completely transform your relationship with food. If you want to try this program, here are the rules that should follow.


If you are familiar with the paleo way of eating we are sure that this Whole30 diet will immediately remind you to do just that and a small proportion of carbohydrates high proportion of protein. This Whole30 diet is a classic elimination, but there’s no cheating is not the day when not deviate a whole month. This means that long ago in any case may not use sugar, cereals, dairy products, legumes, and alcohol. It is also important that any food in which you previously enjoyed to not prepare on “a healthy way.” This means no paleo pizza or coconut pancakes, you simply have to give up everything, strictly and clearly without any twist.


What this diet promises, of course, if it be strictly complied with the improved body composition, increased energy levels, improved sleep quality, better athletic performance and reduced cravings for certain foods, especially for sugar and carbohydrates. You can also expect to ever adopt some healthy habits when it comes to food, and this is what is certainly the most important in the whole story.

Maybe this diet is not for those who are not committed because the waiver does not happen gradually rather than suddenly have to give up everything that you eat every day, but sometimes drastic measures are necessary and therefore try.

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