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How to breathe when you are under stress?

You heard that it is important to breathe properly and you wonder do you breathe properly?


We are made ​​so that the breath and body are connected. For example, when suddenly you come in cold water you will stop breathing when you are upset breathing will accelerate, and when you are bored will slow down. The relationship between respiration, body and mind is deep and these three factors affect each other.

Force a deep breath and relaxed while you are boiler broke down during a shower and while you pour icy water, it is not natural.
There are times when it is not worth the breath to manage when it can make a positive difference.

You bet it pays to manage a bustling when we are in a stressful situation, and we are not in mortal danger. In a stressful situation breath becomes shallow and rapid. When we returned evolutionary few million years ago, we would see that this shortening of breath was very useful for survival. For example, early man who is haunted by wild animals has benefited from stress and shallow breath because it could run faster.

Stress reflex remained us today, but it’s no longer excites hungry Siberian tiger already colleague who has deliberately insulted us or traffic jam in the city center. In these situations, stress is not useful. That is why it is useful to learn to breathe relaxed in stressful situations.

Exposure to stress shortens life.

How to breathe in stressful situations?

Breathing should wake up and slow down. Make sure you breathe comes from the belly (stomach that goes up and down) rather than from the lungs without moving the abdomen (i.e. diaphragm). You will feel your heart pounding heavily (and it was from stress), but you continue for some time to breathe deeply and slowly stress will be alleviated, and probably disappear. Will be replaced by a relaxed state.

As generally breathe properly?

We already breathe properly, you have to react quickly, we have a way of breathing deeply when we think otherwise. This connection of breathing and activities embedded in us and should not devote too much attention to her. However, it is useful to actively manage breathing with stress in a way that we have described.

Another tip for the end: When you exhale to relax you should take at least as much as last breath, but it is preferable that lasts twice as long.


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