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Not even a healthy diet, nor exercise: This is the best mechanism for anti-aging!

Regular exercise has so far cast as the main recipe for a long life, but it turned out that the whole story is relatively simple

anti-aging walk

Aging is inevitable, but can be slowed by regular exercise, a healthy diet and a bunch of expensive creams, the image which is usually sent to the media.

But if you believe the new theory that comes from the University of Stockholm, none of it can not surpass the best mechanism for anti-aging – standing.

Body aging measure the length of telomeres, the ends of chromosomes that protect them from damage and the compacting of the group. Short telomere are associated with diseases, premature aging and early death.

But it turned out that standing protects the DNA, and it damages a lot of sitting at what appeared analysis of telomeres in subjects quite challenging research. All were physically inactive in the late sixties with great prospects for early death.
Half of the participants were not practiced, while the other entered the semi-annual fitness program, and with them every day is measured by the number of steps that have been made ​​and the time they spent sitting.

The results were clear – despite the fact that those who exercised were healthier, the most important impact came from standing – as with a short sitting, telomeres were longer.

What to say – stand!

Photo by Tamaki Sono CC BY

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