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Take one shade of lipstick on five different ways

The red color of lipstick is ultra popular lately, but to use it in the best possible way, read this tricks that we have for you.

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Red lipstick is an absolute classic when it comes to cosmetics in those days when you do not want to wear a lot of makeup on your face, to attract attention is enough to be lubricated lips with red lipstick.

Quality lipsticks are not even a little cheap and it is therefore very important to know that you can use them in many ways, especially in the red shades which these days is more than popular.

Convert lipstick in a lighter shade. To get slightly red color on the lips, perfect for a day, just slide your finger over lipstick, then gently pat the color on the lips until a light red shade that will give your lips completely natural look.

Convert lipstick to lip gloss. Your bright red lipstick for the duration of the job can turn into a lip gloss also lighter shade and in the following way. Lubricate the lips with first label, grape or colorless lip gloss, then lightly coat the lips with red one. This combination is great for cold and windy days because it will give your lips next to the seductive looks and give the necessary hydration.

For satin lip look. This is the simplest of things, if you lipstick creamy texture. Simply apply gently on the lips, preferably not add and does not draw the edge of the pen. This will give the satin lips slightly retro look.

For the matte shade. To get the red matte shade that is too trendy does not need to buy a special lipstick, but with little tricks you can do with what you already have. Apply lipstick on your lips and then gently lift them to a tissue on the lips, apply a thin layer of baby powder. Repeat the process once more color more pronounced. In this way, lipstick will last almost all day.

Lipstick as blush. If you do not know which shade of blush to use with lipstick you wear then simply use the same lipstick instead of browning. Apply a little lipstick on fingertips and gently pat the cheeks and spread just like you and flush right. In this way you will be sure that the color you blush and lipstick agrees.

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