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Why white flour thicker more than sugar?

Rather eat chocolate than baking because you will gain less weight from sugar than flour. But do you know why? Glycemic index.


The answer to the question is very simple: The glycemic index (GI). White flour has a higher glycemic index than sugar, so it is thicker.

Do you eat foods with a high GI, the blood will come in very large quantities of the hormone insulin, which immediately brings the sugar into the cells. As soon as the sugar inside the cells, the blood sugar level falls. Then you become nervous, you lose concentration and brain immediately requires sugar because it does not register in the blood.

Brain force you to eat something. For this reason, sometimes suddenly get hungry and you feel like you body is looking for something sweet. You’ll eat a sandwich, chocolate, pizza … The pancreas responds immediately and sends insulin into the blood. This happens throughout the day. As long as the insulin in the blood, hormone slenderness, for example, glucagon, can not do anything. Glucagon draws and burns fat only when insulin levels are low.

It is necessary to choose foods with low glycemic index because it will only get out of the circle, which is called: sugar and white flour-low blood sugar-great famine. In this way you give glucagon chance to melt pounds.

This is the most important formulas that you should accept in their future life slim. GI determines your destiny is whether thick or thin.

Remember: high GI attracts obesity hormone – insulin and hormone slenderness – glucagon, can not act.


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