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If you think that these foods are diet, you’re wrong

Many of the foods advertised as healthy, diet, and that in fact are not. This is why we often hear women complain they can not possibly lose weight and still eat for breakfast muesli or fruit yogurt. Look for that to popular foods many think that they are healthy and diet – and are actually the exact opposite.

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Water enriched with vitamins

These drinks are often advertised as healthy dietary supplement because they contain lots of vitamins, minerals and even fiber. However, the truth is you should skip them and to get a hold of plain water.

In fact, although you will see on the label that they contain very few calories, these drinks are often made with artificial sweeteners, which are just as unhealthy as regular sugar, if not worse. In addition, there may also be flavoring agents and colors.

Fruit yogurt

The combination of healthy yogurt full of probiotics and fresh fruit – what it can be unhealthy? Women who lead this logic often make a big mistake in the diet, and purchasing fruit yogurts consumed without limitation, often replacing them and real fruit.

Unfortunately, the truth is that you will find in these yogurts lot of simple sugars and unnecessary calories. A much better alternative is to simply make your fruit yogurt in a blender – just insert the yogurt, your favorite fruit and a little honey to taste.


Another popular “healthy” snack which really is not healthy. In fact, many of these tiles a little deli of most ordinary chocolate bars! Often you will see on the packaging labels “high fiber” or “excellent source of protein”, but nobody wants the package to emphasize “full of simple sugars.”

If you really want fiber and protein for a snack, eat a piece of cheese and an apple.

Foods with 0% fat

Foods without fat rights are fake for people who want to lose weight, because they think that “no fat” means “no calories.” This leads to excesses in consumption of these foods. On the other hand, the lack of grease manufacturers often compensate by adding unnecessary sugar – to taste better. It is better to eat foods with fat, but be careful about the amount. So you’re at least aware of what we put into the body.


Most retail muesli will in one portion to give a tremendous amount of trans fats and simple sugars, which are often associated with heart attack and stroke.

Of course, this is not true for all purchasing muesli, so it is very important to pay attention to the nutritional table on the back of the pack. On top of that, the portions are often so small that people do not feel a sieve – and therefore often later nibbled unhealthy things, or add more of muesli.


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