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Raspberry season. Among these beautiful reddish color and sweet flavor. They are ideal for people who want to lose weight. Although most people think that they should be removed during the diets.


It is a very delicious fruit and does a lot for calories or fat. One cup of raspberries has only 100 calories. It is extremely rich in fiber and potassium and contains a slightly smaller proportion of vitamin C.

Apart from helping in keeping a reduced calorie, fiber present in raspberries, improve digestion and are good protection against various types of cancer because cancer cells are multiplying. In addition, ellagic acid and contain phytochemicals which are also known as a good defense against tumors. Often used to treat cardiovascular disease and also strengthen the immune system.

In folk medicine raspberry leaf is used for rinsing the mouth because it contains tannins, flavonoids and organic acids. Sheet can be used for preparing tea. It works against viruses and lowers blood sugar by activating the pancreas that secrete insulin. Menopausal women who have painful periods, should consume more tea from the leaves of raspberry.

Raspberry is suitable for the preparation of syrup and vinegar. Syrup from raspberry strengthens the heart and lowers body temperature if you are suffering from an infectious disease. Vinegar is good to use if you have a sore throat, and you can use it against skin rashes.

If you feel you need to eat something sweet, be sure to eat raspberries. Feel free to add a little cream obtained from skimmed milk.


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