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10 things on a daily basis, causing damages to your body

Every day we do so many things which unknowingly hurting our body and health.

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Showering every day, eat popcorn, like jogging? Although at first glance you would never say that some of these harmful things – they are. Read below why this is so.

1. The use of computers can be extremely harmful to your health. Too bright screen can adversely affect your vision, cause eyestrain and headaches. Also, some computers contain toxins that can cause neurological damage to the brain.

2. Drying hair with hairdryer. Heat makes the hydrogen bonds in the hair are falling apart, so that it becomes more susceptible to damage and falling out.

3. Chew on pencils can be seriously damage your teeth, and, if it is a permanent habit, long-term change their shape and position.

4. You do not have the habit of applying sunscreen when you go out in the sun. Sunscreen is not reserved just for the beach – it you and during ordinary walk around protection from harmful UV rays that cause skin damage, and helps your skin retain a youthful and fresh appearance.

5. Showering every day is not recommended. Before frowned, take into account that refers to showering with hot water, and excessive use of shower gels and aggressive sponges that remove lipids in your skin responsible for its moisture.

6. Jogging has its advantages, but at the same time increases the risk of arthritis, especially when it comes to your knees, that first experience like this changes.

7. Eat a lemon. Acid found in lemons can damage tooth enamel, which is crucial for the health of your mouth and teeth.

8. You eat popcorn. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the popcorn every time you watch a movie? Wrong! Popcorn can get stuck in the space between your teeth and cause infection. Also, the hard part of the corn which accidentally bite can cause serious damage to the crown of the tooth.

9. Sitting in the office. If you are doing one of the jobs that require sitting more than six hours a day, your risk for heart disease increases by 64 percent.

10. Wear socks while you sleep. Wearing socks in bed may be extremely harmful, since it prevents the exchange of gases in the cells, which not only damages the cells of your skin, but also the brain cells.
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