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Oregano oil – a natural antibiotic

Oregano oil, which is obtained by distillation of the leaves and flowers of the plant oregano is one of the best natural antibiotics. This natural and versatile oil can be used in different ways in order to defend against dangerous bacteria.

oregano oil

How does it work?

Oregano oil contains a compound called carvacrol. Studies have shown that carvacrol can pass through the outer cell membrane, thereby to protect the cells against bacteria. The oregano oil can help protect the immune system because it is effective in killing bacteria and other microorganisms, such as fungi, viruses, and various parasites.

Use hand sanitizer

Oregano oil is quite strong, so you’ll first need thinning. Mix 10 drops of oregano oil with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Good rub your hands because the mixture act as a disinfectant. In addition to clean your hands, feed the skin on your hands and it will be soft and smooth.

Inhale the steam of oregano oil

In the respiratory system can enter the dangerous bacteria that cause health problems. To help Designing for the system to work without problems, inhale the steam oregano oil. Put a few drops of oregano oil in boiling water, tilt your head above water, cover it with a towel and inhale the steam. If your doctor has prescribed antibiotics for treatment of infection of the respiratory system, do not stop taking them until you drink the entire can.

Use it for skin care

Oregano oil has excellent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action, and some experts believe it may help in the treatment of skin diseases. Mix equal amount of oregano oil and coconut oil and apply on the scalp before bedtime. Let the whole night absorbed. No, do not apply oregano oil on a wound or cuts.

Use it for dental care

Oregano oil contains thymol, an ingredient found in many products for the hygiene of the oral cavity, preventing the accumulation of plaque and bad breath. Add a few drops of oregano oil on your toothbrush and scrub them well.

Use it for indigestion

Studies have shown that oregano oil can help in the treatment of parasitic infections and alleviate diarrhea. You can speed up the work of the entire digestive system and improve nutrient absorption, which is essential for the operation of all body cells.

When should you be careful?

People that are allergic to oregano and products of oregano should not use oregano oil. Also, pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid oregano oil because it is not yet conducted research to determine whether or not there are risks.

If you are taking medication or suffer from any medical condition, be sure to consult a physician before starting daily use oregano oil.

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