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Okra – healthy East food

Okra is one of the healthiest foods that are used for centuries in healing purposes. Today we tell you all about this miraculous plants.

okra food

Okra is one of the oldest foods, and according to some sources in the diet has been used before 3500 years, especially Egyptians who worshiped her. And today is used around the world because of the unique taste, wide application methods, because of medicinal properties.

This plant is the first place rich in vitamin C, vitamin K and folate. In addition contains a remarkable amount of fiber is of great importance for good digestion, stabilize blood sugar and control of the absorption of sugar in the body.

What brings welfare of okra

Because it is rich in minerals and vitamins is of great importance for the general health of the organism with Okra can fight certain diseases and prevent the occurrence thereof.

For a safe and healthy pregnancy. Vitamin B which is responsible for the production of new cells and folate is of great importance for a healthy pregnancy. This vitamin prevents birth defects in babies and helps the fruit grows and develops. In addition to folate is of great importance and vitamin C, which is very rich okra.

For the prevention of diabetes. Leaning fiber and other nutrients okra is very effective when it comes to normalization of blood sugar levels, and promotes the reduction of the symptoms of diabetes.

It promotes kidney health. Study and published in October 2005 revealed that regular consumption of okra reduces the risk of developing kidney diseases, especially those caused by diabetes.

It promotes the health of the colon. Okra is full of dietary fiber, which are very important for the health of the colon and digestive tract as a whole. Vitamin A contributes to the health of mucous membranes and allows the digestive tract to function normally.

Can help with respiratory problems such as asthma. Okra contains vitamin C has been proven to help with respiratory diseases such as asthma. One study has shown that regular consumption of foods rich in vitamin C, even in small quantities a reduction in asthma symptoms in children.

For the health of the skin. Vitamin C affects the health and youthful appearance of the skin, promotes the growth and regeneration of tissue which affects the enhanced production of collagen. From okra can make a great face mask so that the cook in water until tender in full, then mash and apply to the face. After five minutes, rinse, and the results will be visible immediately.

Preparation of okra in cooking

Okra can be eaten raw, you can fry or cook steamed, and is commonly used in the preparation of stews, soups and soup. Is an indispensable ingredient of the famous Bey’s soup, Bosnian specialties.

If you use it in dried form to be with us in most cases, will find it needs a longer heat treatment.

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