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How to naturally cure cancer: food against cancer

Experts say that in the battle with most cancers more healing, and thus the most effective method of eating is one that includes all raw, vegan diet…

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How to cure the cancer and whether it can beat the natural way? This question is now, unfortunately, raises more and more people. Scientific studies in recent years show that the olives, parsley, peppers, papaya, cabbage, oranges, lemons, tangerines … just some of the foods that are proven to be extremely efficient in fighting cancer.

In addition to their regular and daily consumption, it is necessary to completely change the way and style of life, which is believed to have brought the disease to humans. Experts nutritionists confirm that diet has a dramatic impact on the overall health of the man, and that a proper diet can greatly assisted each treatment, so does the heavy malignancies.

Often the experiences of people with cancer who are saying that they are cured specific way of eating, but one should bear in mind that no one man, as no cancer is not the same, so everyone has to find their way to healing.

But one thing is certain. Eating fresh and seasonal food is much healthier than the introduction into the body of sugar and refined carbohydrates, fried meat and fried foods.

Cow’s milk should be kept to a minimum and increase the intake of goat, oat or rice milk. Cancer loves sweet, so it is necessary to reduce the consumption of sweets, cream pie, and eat dark chocolate or carob.


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