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TRY IT, REALLY WORKS: Caffeine nap for better concentration

Are you able to believe it if we told you that coffee does not exclude nap?

Caffeine in the coffee

Scientists have identified and begun to recommend the so-called “caffeine nap” as the best ‘cure’ to increase efficiency and sleep, and caffeine.

Given that caffeine takes a little time to get to the brain, you have plenty of time to sleep.

Drink a cup of coffee quickly to increase the length of sleep, then take a nap 20 minutes or at least close your eyes and allow yourself to relax – for 20 minutes, the brain does not have time to fall into a deep sleep.

Therefore, you can not doze without having to worry that you’ll disrupt the sleep cycle. Studies conducted worldwide have shown that caffeine nap positively influence people.

All respondents in the UK were making less mistakes while working, while the Japanese had better results while testing.


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