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Grapefruit for health and slimness

Grapefruit has many health benefits and is especially recommended for weight loss, since a positive effect on insulin resistance and satiety …


Health benefits

Grapefruit is an excellent source of vitamin C. Red grapefruit is a good source of beta carotene, a fighter against many diseases. If you peel and eat like an orange, you will have a good dose of pectin, which lowers cholesterol – and fiber that will keep you satiated. As a member of the citrus family, the grapefruit is also full of phytochemicals, such as flavonoids – compounds that are found naturally in fruits and vegetables and participate in the prevention of many defects in the body and cancer. Red grapefruit contains the carotenoid lycopene. Lycopene helps protect the cell membrane, and can prevent the development of tumors, especially tumors of the prostate.

Selection and storage method

Choose grapefruit that is heavy, they are mostly full of juice. Avoid those that are soft or elongated because they are generally of poor quality – it is possible that they are concise and less sweet. The difference between the different types of grape, such as red and yellow, is minimal. You can keep a grapefruit in the refrigerator, it will last up to 2 months.

Preparation and serving

Wash grapefruit before it is cut to prevent penetration of bacteria from the outside to the inside. You can keep it at room temperature before you squeeze or peel, for a better taste.

You can and squeeze, and because peel- membrane would be good to eat it and just peeled. For dessert, you can sprinkle with brown sugar.

Nutritional benefits

Grapefruit also helps in weight loss, is low in calories, low in sodium, high in potassium and has enzymes to burn fat. For anyone who cares about the slim line, grapefruit is irreplaceable. Grapefruit has a large amount of water, and has a certain ingredients that may participate in the control of insulin levels. Medium-sized grapefruit has about 50 calories, while a larger grapefruit has about 60 calories. Due to the high content of vitamin C and potassium, is an excellent source of diet. It also has a moderate amount of calcium, magnesium and phytosterols. Red Grapefruit is also rich in vitamin A.

Grapefruit will “recharge” and saturate and safely reduce your appetite. Medium grapefruit has more than 2 grams of fiber and a large amount of water.

Insulin resistance

Researchers say that grapefruit has a single mechanism or ingredient that can improve insulin resistance. Certainly, a diet that is what you want – to keep blood sugar levels stable. It also states that it is not fully explained how grapefruit affects insulin resistance, but so far the results are fantastic and definitely recommended dietary allowance of grapefruit.

Weight Loss

It is important to realize that just eating grapefruit will help in losing weight. Food does not melt the fat, weight loss is a result of the overall diet and lifestyle. In short, to lose weight you have to enter fewer calories than you expend -kalorijski deficit. What is certainly a good idea to be high in foods that are full of saturated fat and low-calorie sugar substitute, such as grapefruit, which will keep you satiated.


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