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Preserve the beauty of your skin

Excessive intake of saturated fatty acids can cause inflammation of the skin.

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Many studies have shown that what you eat plays an important role in maintaining your health and appearance.

Some foods can negatively affect your appearance. If you want to look young and at the same time preserve their health, we bring you the foods that should be avoided as much as possible.


Sweets and refined carbohydrates raise blood glucose and hinders the production and release of collagen and elastin, substances that maintain the health and beauty of the skin, and are mainly responsible for elasticity and youthfulness.

Saturated fats

You will find them in foods of animal origin and full-fat dairy products, and they can make you look older. Experts say that excessive intake of saturated fatty acids can cause inflammation of the skin, which also encourages the emergence of early signs of aging.


The exception is a red wine that is rich in resveratrol. Most alcoholic beverages are harmful to the health and appearance of your skin. Dries the skin and when it breaks down in the liver, relieve the worst enemies of the skin – free radicals.

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