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The best movements for the carved hands

Girls and women tend to avoid doing too many exercises with weights because they fear that their hands will be too muscular and masculine, which is of course totally wrong. We bring you the three best exercises for carved, nice and tight hands.

women exercising

Exercising the upper arm is as important as exercise abdominal muscles, buttocks or legs. In the end, stomach still can be conceal by wardrobe, but hands not and that is why it is very important to have tinted arm muscles tighten them and solve the “bat wings”.

The circles in the air

For this exercise, you will need two weights 1.5 kilogram, and by using these exercises tone the triceps, biceps, shoulders and back.

Stand up straight, feet slightly spread, arms spread to the sides, shoulder level, in each hand hold by weight.

Hands to shoulder and make small circular movements with the arms straight the whole time.

Do 20 repetitions forward, then change direction and do 20 more reps.

Shoulder exercises

This exercise in the first place to practice and strengthen your shoulders, and triceps. Use weights the same weight as in the first exercise.

Stand up straight with your legs spread slightly. Keep your hands on your body, bend your elbows and hands that hold the weights attract to the shoulder so that the palms are facing away from the body. Then raise your arms high above your head, but you does not lift the shoulders.

Repeat 20 times.

Exercise for triceps

Stand up straight, slightly spread legs and bent knees. In each hand hold weight, your hands are stretched out along the body, palms facing back.

Hands lifting behind, as you can, do not be too hard, keeping up a bit in this position and repeat 19 more times.

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