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Which tempo is best for run on the treadmill?

One of the most common mistakes in running on the treadmill is to skip warming up and stretching. As in the case of running on an open, it is easy to heat, and after the running muscles are cooled and stretched. Abrupt cessation can cause dizziness because the pulse pressure is too quickly lower. Error and train more intensively, especially if the goal is weight loss.

Running on a treadmill for weight loss

If you want to lose weight it is better for a long time to run more slow-paced or edit a 30-second sprint with a few minutes of running lighter than ‘kill’ on tape running at a pace that does not suit you. This can lead to pain and injury, but also giving up.

The same applies if you are in my thoughts compete with the person next to you. It is a great motivation if you’re in the gym with a friend in the same condition. But if you race with strangers, it can take you far beyond the level for which you are ready because who knows – maybe the bar to take a professional athlete.

The treadmill is great because of the adjustable incline and speed. If you constantly run “on the flat”, the body will get used to such a burden and training will soon cease to be effective. Play with incline and speed to each workout was different, but in order to run the bar as more like a run outdoors. Another frequent mistake running body leaning forward.

Proper breathing

Proper breathing while running the bar is breath in through the nose and exhale through your mouth. As the load increases, so does the breath transferred to the mouth, but it should be as long as you maintain proper technique mouth, nose, advises Valušek.

Position causes pain

Error while running the tape and body tilting backwards when the slope of the bar increases. That is a load on the spine – the body would with larger slope should remain in the position that your shoulders above your hips.

Make a plan

It is not enough to stop the tape, compress start and start running – one training run up quickly at least a few minutes, while others combine walking uphill and running on the flat …

Due to handle suffering back

Error running the bar and grip the handles because it hampers movement. During running and use your hands to evenly burden the whole body, properly run and it easier training.


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