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The most common mistakes when plucking eyebrows and how to avoid them

Properly shaped eyebrows are very important for the attractive appearance of the face. Learn how you can avoid the mistakes that commonly occur during their formation.

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Use an old pair of tweezers

If you find yourself in a situation to make ends and hair barely be able to catch you, you know it is the right time to buy a new one. Also, do not mix them with accessories and makeup to be on them would not have mushroomed bacteria. Delete them after your use and keep them in a special place.

You have too thinned eyebrows, create a “hole”

Do every day pluck your eyebrows, you risk them too and modify the appearance of the face. Wait at least two weeks to re-grow, fill it and look more even.

You are too pointed arch of the eyebrow

Ladies, if you do not want to constantly look puzzled, be very careful when you emphasize the arch of the eyebrow. Try to keep the natural shape, find the highest point of the eyebrows and pluck hairs underneath to make it look raised.

Forgot the upper eyebrow

Do not neglect this area! It is a key difference between the full eyebrows that look nice and neat, and full eyebrows that look neglected.

You overdid it with the use of the pen

It’s no secret that the use of a pen can make your eyebrows look flawless. But it’s too dark eyebrows seem harsh and artificial. The aim of using a pen is to define eyebrows, but not to become too conspicuous. Let the pen be a tad brighter shades of brow. And remember – your eyebrows should the shadows, and not to be plotting!


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