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Spider-man pushups to strengthen muscles

Spider-man pushups are a combination of pushups and movements, which are excellent for strengthening the major muscle groups.

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The weight of the body and movements imitating comic hero you build chest muscles, leg and arm. This can serve as a warm-up exercise before lifting weights, but also a kind of warm-up entertainment for the greater exercise of legs, arms and chest. Of course, you can also work in the context of a series of exercises that you do regularly, and even organize a small race in the “Spider-man crawling” with colleagues at the end of exercise or as a way of warming.

We will strengthen the chest, shoulders, triceps, and stretch your hips, tendons, spine, folding shoulders and hips.

For what they are especially useful

There is so much involved in this exercise. No wonder that Spider-Man is strong, is not it? Combine pushups, stretching the legs and hips, and run most of the joints and muscles in the body. That’s why I considered to be one of the best and perhaps the fastest warm-up exercises, because almost the entire body prepares for training.

You can exercise regularly and apply independently of warming – because it’ll be fit and tighten the muscles.

How it’s done

Hold the position for pushups. Step foot like a lizard, fight it arms and legs. Do push-up, but the return leg in a straight position, and step into the other leg to the side, make a push-up, return leg. Repeat several times.

As far as walking and moving your hands and in some ways mimic the stroke lizards. See how it looks in these two videos.

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