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These are the rules of practice in the gym for women

What is required, and prohibited when exercising at the gym? Read on and you will learn…

women exercising in the gym

  1. What’s wrong with your coach chosen solely for your look. So what is a painful exercise for no gain?
  2. Do not use the equipment before you consult with a trainer.
  3. Buy yourself an exclusive fitness equipment. If you want to look like small goddess of fitness, so you will be and feel.
  4. Do not feel locker room as a bathroom. Maybe the other girls is not pleasant to look at you naked.
  5. Several wines combined with ten minutes on the tape is a big no, no. Or pub or gym.
  6. Night “off” is OK. So why so much exercise if not relax once, and become a sculpted body.
  7. Sweet guy next to you is exercising? Ask him to help you to setup right gear.
  8. Work as your coach ordered. Impersonation of Rambo can only have the opposite effect.
  9. In practice it is best to go alone. When friends are involved, it always ends up the party chat, you can do the lemonade after training.
  10. After a demanding workout do your best to honor the chocolate. The effect is as if you are not trained.


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