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8 foods for beautiful summer complexion

Faster and better will turn black if diet is rich in this foodstuffs.


Dazzling dark summer complexion you can achieve a faster way if diet is rich in fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, hazelnuts … These foods can help you get the perfect summer color, but act to prevent the occurrence of cancer and heart disease.

Perfect complexion is another reason to enrich your diet with these healthy foods.

This vegetable is packed with beta-carotene and is known for its positive effects on the pigment. In addition, if you frequently nibble carrots, you can enhance heart health.

Eggs have superpowers. Rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, selenium, calcium, vitamin D. .. The high content of vitamins will help you to keep a radiant complexion act preventively on the incidence of heart disease and improve the health of the eyes.

This citrus contains a lot of vitamin A, which stimulates the production of melanin in the body. Melanin is a natural substance that gives skin color.

One cup hazelnuts batches recommended daily dose of vitamin E. Some hazelnuts be your choice when it comes time for a snack, and get great color, improve heart health, bone and joints.

Since it is made from tomatoes, ketchup, particularly healthier option without a lot of sugar, is an excellent food that gives you beautiful skin. It contains plenty of lycopene and beta-carotene, and your skin will darken easily.

This milk product contains calcium and tyrosine, and therefore can be considered supernamirnicom. Additionally, the cheese has a lot of proteins, vitamin B-12, calcium, and vitamin A.

We all know that kale is at the top of the list of super foods. The latest trend in the diet that accompany the famous fitness trainer and nutritionists often recommend the shakes containing cash. These greens have a lot of beta-carotene, and will provide you with a radiant complexion, but also help to repair the overall health and reach the desired line.

Exotic fruit that is associated with the tropics, the sea, enjoy and dark complexion. Mango has many medicinal properties – lowers cholesterol, improves complexion, alkalize the body. It contains a lot of vitamin C and A, and as many as 25 different types of carotenoids.


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