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Japanese recipe for a narrower waist

This method returns the pelvic bones in place and reduces the volume in the middle part of the body (waist).

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Imagine how just lying on the floor, not moving, and excess centimeters around the waist slowly disappearing. Many will say that this is impossible.

But all who are familiar with the method from doctor Fukutusicia from Japan, a specialist in pelvic problems and author of the popular book that has sold over five million copies, confirming that this is possible.

You just need the big towel, singles and five to 10 minutes of time every day.

Specifically, Dr. Fukutusuci discovered that the main cause of large deposits in the waist and divergence under-rib pelvic bones. After a series of experiments established the validity of this hypothesis and created exercises for losing weight quickly with waist. The essence of the method is lying on a rolled-up towel a few minutes three times a day. As a result, after the first attempt to measure the loss of excess centimeters at the waist.

Take larger towel, as for the beach, fold it in half, then fold into a roll. The long tape to secure the resulting roll.

Get dressed comfortably seated on a firm, flat surface, but do not do as you are doing the exercise on the bed. Place a rolled towel under the lower back, just below the navel.

Lie down and relax. The legs are straight and hip width apart and your feet bend inward, so that they touch only the thumbs. Fully extend your arms above your head. Turn your palms down and compose little fingers.

At first this will seem like a rather nasty poses. If you have difficulties to first extend a maximum of hand, do not worry, try to direct them above your head as you can. The most important thing is to check whether the touching little fingers and the toes. In this position should lie down for about five minutes.

If you find it too difficult to endure during the initial exercise of the recommended five minutes, start with a shorter period of one or two minutes, and the duration of each day increase, until the condition for five minutes of exercise. The most important thing is not to miss a single day to achieve a satisfactory result.

In essence, it is kind of stretching. And if you move a rolled up towel under the breast – you can get the effect of lifting the breasts. If you put it under your ribs – waist will be more pronounced. Whether you are doing the exercise for one second or a third region, be very careful, because even during the five minutes of lying in this position, bones and joints moving.

To reduce the risk of injury, post-workout rise gradually and slowly. First, turn to the side, so sit down, and then rise. Avoid sudden movements.

Seek doctor’s advice

If you have any problems with the spine, joints, back, before the start of the training consult with your doctor whether you can do this exercise.

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