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How to get your makeup if you have enlarged pores

If you have this problem, the good news is that you have to cover it up if you forgot that contains illuminator, and you have the ideal foundations without oil


Enlarged pores are a common problem, unfortunately, is almost impossible to completely resolve.

With him is particularly plagued women who have oily and mixed skin, but the good news is you can make them a good disguise, with proper makeup. Of course, with it’s regular skin cleansing is absolutely mandatory, just like using lotion for oily and mixed skin.

This is makeup that is perfect for concealing enlarged pores:
1. Powders matting
2. Liquid powder without oil
3. Correctors and camouflage
4. Mattifying base face
5. Mineral powder

Makeup that emphasizes even more the pores:
1. Bronzers with sequins
2. Cream blush
3. Heavy powders based on oil
4. Liquid foundation with glittering particles
5. Bases and creams with illuminator


Photo by Alejandro Martinez / CC BY

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