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How do make strength training more efficient?

Strength training is progressive, that is, the more you increase the intensity, it will become stronger, more resilient and training will become more intense and you will notice better results.

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There are certain ways to increase the intensity of exercise. You can always add more cargo, so we bring you several different ways that your strength training will become more effective.

Change the angle

This is one of the easiest ways to force the body to work under greater effort. The more often you change the angles of exercise, it will be more effective exercise. For example, while doing push-ups, doing them so they rely on the step. This is a slight modification of the typical pushups muscles that will be put under additional strain.

Reduce stability

While doing strength training, slow down repetitions. This will reduce the stability of the body and increase the effort. For cardiovascular exercise, you can change the speed of performing the exercises. It’s a great way to increase calorie burning. Some exercise is an excellent work on unstable surfaces such as bare or pilates ball.

Vary the speed of the exercises

While doing the exercises power, alternating rhythm of exercise because that way you will put additional strain on the muscles. Changing the speed of the exercise is to the body demanding execution of a large number of repetitions. Studies have shown that frequent varying the speed of the exercises you can increase your calorie consumption in sleep mode immediately after training.

Combine exercises

What more muscle strain at the same time, it is a body under greater effort. It is best to combine exercises for different muscle groups. For example, in one workout doing exercises that will activate the muscles of the abdomen, legs and back. The best are those that include training exercises for the whole body as you will get the fastest been uniform.

Leave room for the holidays

Exercises forces are effective only if youleave your muscles enough time to recover. It is necessary to take breaks every two days. Although you may think that the results will be better if you are not a break, indulge yourself. Many studies have shown that the most effective exercise power only then if you allow your muscles to recover, or if you take breaks between sessions.

Getting enough sleep

Regular exercise and proper execution of the exercise of power, and adopting healthy eating habits will mean nothing if not enough sleep. An adequate amount of sleep, or at least 7 hours a day is needed for proper growth, development and operation of each body cells, including those found in muscle. If you are sleep deprived, your training will not be enough intensive, and if training is not sufficiently intense or results will not be good enough.

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