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4 tips for faster hair drying

While you always want flawless hair, sometimes probably do not have time to devote to blow dry. When drying your hair in a hurry you probably take too long. There is a way that you can speed up the drying of hair, and we reveal how.

hair drying

Towel and cotton T-shirt

After washing your hair gently wrap in an old cotton T-shirt, and then in a towel. With so wrapped hair can iron the clothes or makeup. The longer the hair, it will soak up more hair turban, facilitating hair drying.

Ceramic Brush 

With ceramic brush will help to focus the heat and dry your hair faster. This brush will allow for the best airflow.

Ionic hair

Ionic hair dryer can halve hair drying. This kind of hair products ions, which are electrically charged molecules. Ions have a negative charge, while water has a positive charge, and therefore bind quickly, allowing water to evaporate faster.

Direct heat

When you blow-dry air from a hair dryer, point downward. From the root to the tips of the hair. This will water the faster rolling upwards from the hair and achieve smoother hair without hair sticking out of order.

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