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Why is it good to drink milk after a workout

Vitamin D can accelerate weight loss, improve your workout, mood and physical condition.

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After intensive training you very likely reach for sports or energy drink plain water. However, scientists from the UK have found that after an intense workout is best to drink milk.

The study participants were divided into groups, depending on what you drank after intense training – sports and energy drinks, water and milk. The researchers then analyzed by drinking a better body hydrated and drink to the fullest extent regenerate the body after an intense workout.

Milk has proved most effective because it remains in the digestive system longer than water or sports energy drink. Milk releases nutrients slowly and gradually, causing the body for a long time has a constant and stable source of nutrients needed for recovery. The milk also contains a higher amount of the electrolyte, including sodium and potassium, which body is lost during perspiration.

Previous research by scientists from Denmark showed that milk, with regard to a satisfactory level of calcium in the body, a great part of the daily diet, and proteins help in faster muscle recovery after intense exercise.

It is even better if you drink milk fortified with vitamin D. Many studies have shown that vitamin D can speed up weight loss, improve your mood and physical condition. These are all benefits that your body will take advantage if you add milk to your daily diet.

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