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Have you heard of functional fitness?

One of the most popular fitness trends in recent years, which is considered to be an absolute hit for 2016 is functional fitness for whom we’re talking to you today.

functional fitness

Functional fitness is a way to exercise during which we exercise the whole body to mimic everyday movements that we do while we perform some daily tasks, and fitness trainers say that from such an exercise can have a multitude of benefits.

Functional training is primarily confined to exercises to strengthen and build muscles that are designed to improve the way you move during the daily duties, for example, a step is a functional exercise that has grown out of the ordinary everyday movements. If you’ve ever tried to climb on a hill then you need to make a step forward. In addition to functional training will make it easier to perform some daily tasks such as walking up the stairs and carrying groceries.

What makes this kind of exercise stands out is the fact that the exercises are rarely focus only on one particular part of the body but all the classes run all the muscles and this is very important. During this training you learn how to during each exercise using the whole body, not just specific muscle group.

Training’s are usually divided into four segments, during the first work on the power of the upper body and doing the exercises like push-ups, the latter focuses on pulling cargo, prepares you to some daily activities and exercises that work the ropes, hitting rowing contract. The third segment prepares you to activities that involve heavy lifting, while the fourth focuses on the rational movements and improves your ability to turn from one side to the other. By combining exercises in these four segments are both working on the muscles of the whole body.

Particularly good for older people

Certain components of movements that are practiced during functional fitness improves mobility and balance, which reduces the risk of falls in older people in particular. With specially adapted exercises you strengthen your very core of your body, thus improving stability and thereby prevents a pain in the back and support your body while performing everyday tasks.

And in the end it is important to note that during functional training you are not required reconciliation and that the only means in support that you need your body. In some exercises you can insert weights, medicine ball or giri.


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