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Time for exercise: 7 reasons to shake up in the morning!

Exercise in the morning and in accordance with that old proverb- The early bird gets the worm

There are many reasons for exercise, and there is even more to do it in the morning before work. We bring you seven reasons to shake up the early morning hours.

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It helps you to focus

In the evening, someone calling you all the time, receive a million text messages, Twitter is a non stop on and normally you can not concentrate on the exercises you perform. In the morning is such a distraction to a minimum and you can practice undisturbed.

You do not want to rush to training

Simply, when you wake up, eat a bite – two, go to the gym or to the park where we practice and slowly after completing training on the job. All other liabilities related to business and private life do not have to move for the sake of training and you will feel reborn.

You will burn fat at the right time

Morning exercise boosts metabolism and burns calories. This means that you will burn enough calories all day you do not have to watch how much food you can eat.

You will avoid the crowds

In the morning, gyms and parks are usually empty, which means that you will have enough space to practice in all desired devices without waiting in line.

Or avoid the gym

If you work hard to go to the gym and think that most lose time, stay at home. There are a million exercises you can do in the home environment and the effect is the same as exercising in the gym.

Achieve their healthy dose of “rattlesnake” for the whole day

We all know the benefits of exercise: burn calories, burn fat, increases feelings of happiness and so on. And when you are already in the “healthy” lifestyle of the early morning, you will not give in to fast food and buy a refreshing salad. Here’s two to one. You do not have to wake up early to practicing.,

It is enough to set the alarm to ring only 15 minutes earlier than you got up before. Do a couple of exercises in some 10 minutes and the results will be visible immediately after a few days.


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