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All errors for hair coloring at home

Many women are happy to be colored at home. With a diverse selection of colors you can easily achieve professional results and save that coin. But although it seems very easy, hair coloring at home can easily be converted into a real disaster. Therefore you discover some of the biggest mistakes to make them stop.

hair coloring at home

Wrong application

Wrong first application is to blame for the failure to reach the desired results. The primer can not only cause the way you want. The color to be uniform, the paint should first be applied to the hair closest to the scalp, and then the rest of the hair.

Wrong shade

Color on the box is not always decisive, especially if it is the first time you paint in blue or red. To avoid disastrous results, before drastic color changes, consult your hairdresser.

Lack of time

Hair coloring is not something you can do “quickie”. If you want even color, take the 30-40 minutes for proper spray paint.


The dark haired women often have trouble taking off the paint that was due to the skin. To help remove stains before hair coloring dark colors on the skin along the hairline, apply heavier cream.

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