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7 mistakes that you make when blow-dry

All women know about the glamorous feeling when you come out from the hair salon with her ​​hair perfectly blow-dry. However, when you try to do the same at home, the result is not even close to what you achieve your hairdresser. Do not worry, it’s not impossible, it is just to practice and to correct errors that might do during styling.

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You are not placing heat protection

When using any type of heat on your hair, you can use the product to be protected to prevent damage. Because of righteousness spray the wet hair these items before you start the blow-dry.

You are not separating hair

Blow dry it can be very hard, especially if you have thick and long hair. But if you remove it in smaller sections, you will succeed detail brush to go through every strand. Because granular clips that you have on the crowd and separate dryer.

You are not placing diffuser on the fan

Diffuser that comes with the hair is there for a reason, but many of us have completely forgotten. This supplement helps to direct the hot air directly to the hair when blow-dry, so that the hair will to pieces on all sides. Follow the diffuser moves first brush with the root of the hair, and then pull the brush toward the ends for extra shine.

You are not holding fan properly 
To achieve maximum control over the movements of a hairdryer and blow the best, keep hair shaft along with the brush while pulling the hair away from the head. A diffuser should be positioned vertically with respect to the handle, rather than horizontally.

You are not using a good brush

The brush is very important for the blow. Metal brushes are good, but can cause damage if not used properly or used too much heat. If your hair is thick or the paint, use a brush with natural hair because the hair will not break nor overheat.

hair electricity

You are not drying your hair fully 

If you do not dry your hair well, can be further damaged if you use an iron or curling iron after blow-drying. Also, so your hair can further electrify. Since the hair is warm after the drying, you can not be sure whether some other wetted parts. To make sure that you dry your hair, set the cold temperature in your dryer and let them dry quickly and will also determine which parts are still wet.

You are not applying products for shine

Products placed on the end to help your hair does not electrify. Therefore, hair stylists recommend spray finishing touch or oil that will close the hair. Just apply a small amount to the ends of the hair and do not overdo it, because hair can make you look fat and all the effort will fall into the water.


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