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The healthiest drink that helps you lose weight

Water is the healthiest drink, and probably the only one that helps you lose weight, while at the same time the pounds do not come back, experts say. This “magic” fluid naturally suppresses appetite and breaks down fat. Scientists claim that reduced intake can lead to deposition of fat.

girl drinking water - the healthiest drink

If you drink a glass of water before each meal, lose weight is gonna be faster than those who count calories in every bite. During the three-month analysis, persons who before each meal drinking water lost seven kilos, even 2.5 higher than those which are strictly careful what you eat.

You must refrain from sugary drinks because they are lethal for stature.

When you drink water before you eat, feel full and eat less. Soups, stews and other dishes based on the water, they can be even more effective than water. A similar effect can be achieved with fruits, vegetables and porridge, because too much water in a short period of time is not good for the body.

On the other side, if we put a little water, the body is seen as a threat to life and begins to retain every drop in the intercellular space, resulting most often have swollen feet, legs and hands. Dehydration slows blood circulation and brain activity, exhausted body. Water controls the digestive system, flushing harmful substances, relieve the body of toxins. While passing through the kidneys help the body to release excessive amounts of salt.

It is best to drink it cold because it’s absorbs quickly, but avoid ice.


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