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7 ways to take off excess pounds and last

If you miss just a little to achieve your goal and tangle up to a certain number of pounds, but the scale is constantly showing the same number, it’s a time for a serious action. You crossed a great way to tangle and no need to give up before the end. Here are the ways to take off excess pounds towards the advises of the world biggest fitness experts.

step to reach the goal

Do not give up on a step to reach the goal

1) Changing the mode of exercise and the time 

Different exercise (Zumba, cycling, running) at different times of the day a little shake and you will burn calories persistent.

2) Limit your intake of carbohydrates

Limit yourself to no starch foods and whole grains. Cut out all fruit diet and any foods containing fluoride, even several days after you achieve the desired result.

nature exercie

3) At least two days rehearse high intensity

High intensity exercises are very short (30 seconds to one minute), alternating exercises, but fast. At least twice a week they’re doing and you will achieve your goal.

4) Do Not Eat A Few Hours Before Sleep

Many people do not eat enough during the day and then at night Preter with calories. It is very important to eradicate the habit of eating late at night. Instead, eat during the day.

5) Ranges often

No matter what you practice, you need to be moving. If you are more active during the day, the more calories you burn. That what you are exercising today, does not necessarily mean that the rest of the day should preset.

6) Cleanse the body

Scrub the body with fruits and vegetables. But practice that for several days, and not just two or three days. These are the ingredients for juices that are good for this purpose:

– carrot, orange, green apple, ginger;
– carrots, beets, apples;
– carrots, tomatoes, beets, celery.

Just put it in the blender and enjoy.

7) Set On The Internet

Let your friends know about your goals. Set your goals on social networks or tell your friends. If you say your goal, you will feel a greater obligation to exercise.

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