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7 ways to lose weight in 7 days

To lose weight, you need more than just exercise and diet. If you want to lose a lot of weight, you need to change the behavior. Follow these simple tips to learn how to access to food and exercise.

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MONDAY: Smartly manage your time

It is clear that you are busy, but if you take that much? You need to think carefully about the way you spend your time. Think about it and realize how much time you spend watching TV and doing some other irrelevant things. Here’s what you need to do to be better organized:

  • Combine items (pack your lunch for the next day while dinner cooks)
  • Distribute responsibilities (something they can do and your children and your spouse)
  • Make a realistic to-do list (first do the important things and less important entrust others)

TUESDAY: Track eating schedule

Anyone who is trying to lose weight has skipped once the meal. But it should not do. You need a regular amount of nutrients in order to function well. Eat regularly and whenever you are really hungry, and buy food when you are full, because you will probably buy healthier food. Try to eat every four hours.

WEDNESDAY: Limit eating only to the kitchen or dining room

Eating out of the kitchen and the dining room is not recommended, because it develop bad habits (eating in front of the laptop or in front of the television). Eat in the kitchen or dining room, and only when you are really hungry and avoid popcorn and other snacks if you are watching a movie at home, because eating without thinking about what you eat can only hinder you.

THURSDAY: Do not do anything else while eating

Multitasking is desirable in the office, but it is not good when it comes to food. If you are doing other things besides eating – driving or reading the news, the less you pay attention to how much you eat. Make sure you do not do absolutely nothing while you eat, so you can think about what you type in yourself.

FRIDAY: Find support

Do not keep yourself battle against the pounds – unless you want to make it harder for yourself. Studies have shown that will make it easier to lose weight if you get support from people close. Others may not know themselves how to help you, but you can learn. Tell them exactly what to do. Ask them to walk with you after dinner on Mondays and Wednesdays or give you food in small containers.

SATURDAY: Take control of your thoughts

The place where you are you can wake up the desire for food, but I think you can drive out of yourself if you are really hungry. If every time you see a commercial for cakes eat some cake, it certainly does not mean that you are always hungry during the commercials. Stop this habit. Turn your thoughts, get to do something that will employ hands and mind and mouth take to strike, call a friend, or paint your nails.

SUNDAY: Plan your meals for the entire week

If you are not organized, you shall eat what you can dig your hand when you are hungry. Plan your meals for the next week, buy everything you need to save them and thus prevent overeating.


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