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Do you properly use the anti-aging products for skin?

Some girls start using anti-aging skin products already in the 20’s. Whether it is right and necessary at all? Learn more about anti-aging products.

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Skincare, especially the face is certainly important and girls on their minds since the teenage years. We become burdened with perfect skin, fall under the influence of advertising and running to prevent aging and wrinkles already in the 20’s. However, it is unnecessary.

Young 20’s

Research shows that you in the 20’s and 30’s do not need almost nothing more than to not smoking, to eat healthy and do not forget to apply sunscreen faithfully.

Of all the creams and creams in this period, your best friend should be sunscreen for protection from UVA and UVB rays with an SPF of 30 or higher. This is your best anti-aging product. Other types and you do not need. Beware of the sun and burns. More important is the healthy skin of suntan – always keep that in mind.

As to smoking it hinders the production of collagen in our body, and it eventually leads to early wrinkles. If you smoke and are often expose to the sun, overuse those “I need to get a tan,” the greater the chance that you’ll get early wrinkles and up to 10 times in comparison to druege people who do not have the habit.

Anti-aging products are not for young skin

By the mid-30’s, and sometimes even to the very beginning of the 40’s (depending on your lifestyle) you do not need almost nothing other than a healthy lifestyle, proper diet, plenty of water, occasionally peels and good surface hydration. Anti-Aging skin “promise” recovery of cells and improve elasticity. But trust us to question, to you, is not necessary. Your body until the mid-30’s the majority can only produce enough collagen and your skin is still very capable of regenerate itself.

No matter how incredible it may sound, these products in the 20’s and 30’s may even worsen the condition of your skin, cause the appearance of pimples, irritated skin that, that is so sensitive to the sun.

Many young girls are now regretting the early start shopping for anti-aging cream and then disappointed in the results – creams are expensive, and the skin is frequently changed for the worse, and sometimes back to those teenage acne.

What then use

Keep up your standard regime of cleansing and moisturizing. Clean the face of mild cleaners evening and the morning and use a moisturizer or natural caring oils. In addition, experts underline once more that sunscreen is your best anti-aging product. Buy a high quality with a little extra protection factor.

If you want to buy extra care antioxidant serum or cream containing vitamin C, vitamin E, green tea, nikotanimid (niacinamide) and alpha lipoic acid. They minimize the damage caused by pollution and sun exposure. You can buy products with a retinoid or retinol.

Retinoids can reduce acne, tears enlarged pores, improve skin tone and her general condition. Retinoids should not be used by pregnant or nursing women, and the need to keep in mind that using them in the first weeks may appear redness, dry skin and flaking skin. They need to be introduced gradually in your care regime.

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