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Three ways that destroy the hair, and you does not even know

The inability and unwillingness when it comes to proper hair care leads to deterioration of appearance, quality, and hair loss. Experts have proposed three common mistakes when hair care that can cause problems.

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Failure to use spray that protects hair from thermal damage

Experts warn that it is one of the most common mistakes do not use spray that protects hair from thermal damage. This product protects hair from sun exposure, and is necessary if you use the machine for hair straightening, hair dryers and any other appliance for styling. Without protection from the heat of your hair will suffer because of the incredibly aggressive influences. It is important to know and to produce for protection from the harmful influence of heat should be used only in a clean, slightly damp hair.

Failure to use a comb to help shape the hair

If you do not use a comb while styling your hair it is also wrong, say experts. Using a comb facilitates and simplifies the whole process. The hair quickly gets smoothness reducing the need for re-exposure to high temperatures hair when straightening or curling hair.

No cooling of the hair after heat treatment

After using hair dryers, irons for hair straightening and similar appliances, hair need to cool down. Not only will the hair be grateful, cool air in the final stage of hair styling is required to maintain the desired shape of the hair longer.


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