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You’re headed to the sea and you can hardly wait for you at the beach when you “catch” a little color. However, the sudden exposure to the judges, you’ve burned. We advise how to treat burns caused by sunlight.

girl-on-sun sunburn

Otherwise, sunburns do not require medical care. However, if you get a fever, see your doctor as your symptoms point to heat stroke.

  • Use of aloe vera gel as a soothing effect on the skin. Certainly we suggest using fresh aloe vera, if you are able to get it. You can also use yogurt and tomato
  • If you use lotion, first put it in the fridge to cool slightly
  • Do not put anything hot on burns because it will make the pain worse
  • Do not use lotions that contain alcohol because it will add to irritate skin
  • Avoid touching someone because skin is too sensitive, and may be the formation of wounds
  • Do not wear clothes made of synthetic material over burns
  • A mild baby soap and bath to alleviate the pain and hydrate damaged skin. Do not use shower gels or soaps. Take a shower with lukewarm water
  • A few days, do not expose to the sun. Until the skin is completely recovered again sun exposure while burns are still missing can cause serious damage to the skin of which will be very difficult to recover. Great are your chances of getting skin cancer
  • Do not peel the damaged skin. More will be added to irritate. Do not do scrubs
  • Allow the skin to slowly recovers itself
  •  Be sure not to put ice on the burn. The same effect as if they re not wait in the sun
  • Avoid the use of creams such as petrolatum.


Photo by Daniel Lobo / CC BY

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