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How to take care for your face in fourth decade?

The skin does not react the way you used to. Appear in patches, dry skin, wrinkles appear overnight.

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As the hormone levels change again, problems with acne are becoming less pronounced! On the other hand, at this time, becoming more noticeable signs of aging. Due to the drop in estrogen skin can become dry, especially in areas where it is thinnest (the area around the eyes and forehead) appear first fine lines.

Coarse facial hair, especially earrings, better not to mention! Accumulated sun damage, plus drop in estrogen levels means that the top layer of the skin regenerates more slowly – the skin loses its youthful glow and suppleness.

If the acne still occur, they are usually cystic, painful erythema been followed more pronounced than in his youth. More are located in the lower part of the face, the neck, chest and back, but in the T-zone, which is typical of puberty.

Finally, again due to changes in hormonal status in women of this age is more common rosacea – a chronic skin disorder that is characterized by facial redness, swollen and enlarged veins.

Solution: For the treatment of dry skin and fine wrinkles dermatologists recommend the use of lightweight, moisturizing anti-wrinkle cream that will cause swelling around the eye works, or even petroleum jelly (of course, in very small quantities!).

To improve the general condition of the skin and to reduce fine wrinkles, after 35 years every morning using 10 percent glycolic acid as a preparation for facial cleansing or as a moisturizer, and at night, apply face cream with retinol.


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