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Shape your entire body in just three steps with exercise

If you want to achieve the best possible results in the shortest possible time with exercise, then you must try this three-day fitness routines that will help you.

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Women should not avoid workouts and exercises that include lifting weights, it is important to only use them in the right way and there is no fear of too many defined, somewhat manly muscle.

There are many different ways to train with weights, and we bring you a three-day routine that will help you to tint and shape the entire body. If you’re an exercise fan, you have to simply try this program.

First day – exercise for the upper body

On the first day focus on exercises for the upper body, chest, shoulders and triceps and this with the greatest focus on the pectoral muscles because when you practice them also exercise, shoulder muscles and triceps. Fitness trainers recommend that you do 70 percent of exercises for pectoral muscles, 20 percent for the shoulders and 10 for the triceps.

The exercises you should do include weight lifting from lying position, exercise with small weights, push-ups, weight lifting exercises.

The second day – exercises for legs

The second day of the exercises shall be reserved for the leg muscles and to all the groups that are in them. You should start with squats and they need to seize nearly half of training. After this exercises, step forward and go to exercise machines for the front and rear thigh muscles.

Third Day – exercises for the upper body

The last day of fitness routines also exercises the muscles of the torso, or the opposite of the first day, this time lifting weights is not in the air but are dragging. As we note, start with severe, finished with simpler exercises.

Lift the weights from the floor to the chest, then work on exercise equipment that involve pulling the rope towards you to the reconciliation processing biceps triceps and back muscles.

If you think that with this exercises you ignore the most problematic parts of the body such as the stomach and buttocks, you are wrong, because in the course of performing all these exercises develop and that part of the body so there is no reason to worry.

This kind of exercise is great because you always know what to do when you’re in the gym, make you sure you have completed the recommended three days of exercise a week and you can get really great results.

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