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Summer makeup that will not melt on your face: It’s all about moderation!

Girls would rather come out into the street naked than without makeup. Therefore, we have these days are forced to walk on a hot day with smeared makeup. To prevent such an occurrence listen to our tips for makeup

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We received a long-awaited summer and with it the “hellish” not at all temperatures predominate our ladylike looks. Most of us these days, walks and melted makeup smeared on his face that looks a little dirty and messy. Therefore, we suggest some ways make-up in these hot summer days.

Start with a base

In the morning, wash your face with lukewarm water and dry with a clean towel. Do not use any soap for the face that usually dry out your face and stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum which grease the skin. Then apply a light moisturizer, which in itself is a protective factor or if you have a separated cream, apply it after moisturizer absorbed.

If you are able to buy good quality sunscreen for the face. After both absorb creams, skin may not be oily, but of dryness.

Foundation – the basic foundation

If possible, do not apply the basic foundation, which closes the pores and prevents the skin to breathe flies. Instead, get a moisturizing cream in color, which is much lighter and more suitable for the summer months, and on your face after a while will start coagulate or melt.

However, if you can not share without foundation, apply a thin layer in the middle of the face and avoid areas. Also, do not use heavy powders with an oil base than water. It does not hurt to be waterproof. Also, get a foundation that is light and transparent and does not give an artificial look, but will cover defects in the skin.

Highlight your strengths

If you have not yet, get a bronzer powder! The bronzer will help in summer on tanned face give a nice natural look. With a wide powder brush, apply it on the forehead, cheekbones, nose and chin. Also, apply bronzer on your neck and possibly the chest area, if you have an outdoor clothing. If you do however see the ears, apply a little bronzer on them.

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Great summer

Most makeup experts recommend a very light and airy makeup for the summer, but you may therefore seem a bit boring and monotonous. Keep in mind though that even when you don’t apply heavy and thick foundation or other makeup, you can definitely shine.

For the eyes, apply a light and bright summer colors – green, blue, silver and gold shades, then peach, mauve and so on … for the evening is recommended that the same hue, but caused intense.

On the cheeks and you can put a light pink and gold tones of blush … Forget the heavy and dark lipstick. All it takes is a moisturizing lipstick or gloss in skin color or even perhaps just “stick” for lip care.

A few practical tips

When applying moisturizer on your face (and sunscreen), you should not be applied to the eyelids, as will the heat after a few hours of shadow look desperate. Instead of cream place “primer” for the eyes, and the base shadow, which allows you to shadow your rights keeps longer, look nicer and prevent its accumulation on the eyelids.

After you have applied “primer”, apply eyeliner, a little shadow and mascara. Avoid thick black lines drawn with ink on eye makeup because it will seem excessive and difficult. We recommend you let all the makeup is waterproof, because it will avoid its melting and smudging in the heat.


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