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How does a vegan diet affect skin appearance

Acne is quite unpredictable phenomenon because no matter how much attention you devote to your face skin, how much clean it regularly and keep an eye on how many slides you use one may occur. It may also happen that during puberty you do not have problems with acne, but begin to emerge in the twenties and thirties of your life.

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Many experts say that acne can be completely cured with right diet, or a diet that is low in fat. This means that you need to eliminate most of the ingredients used by vegans, such as soy milk, avocados, nuts, hummus, olives, peanut butter. If you give up all the fats and oils that can really have an amazing effect on your skin. This means that vegan diet, but without any oil or grease.

Here’s how a certain food group affect the appearance of acne.

Oils and fats. Foods rich in fats increase the amount of natural fats in the skin, or sebum. If you decrease the amount of fat in the diet that will automatically decrease the occurrence of acne. Also, foods high in fats cause poor circulation.

Dairy products. Studies have also shown that dairy products affect acne because it contains hormones, such as growth hormone, which causes a reaction of insulin affects the production of excess sebum and dead skin cells connected within the pores. All this leads to the appearance of acne on his face. For this reason, you can not blame dairy products for acne on your face.

Carbohydrates. Though they really like to eat, carbohydrates are always a bad choice when it comes to pounds, but also the appearance of the skin. Numerous studies have shown that carbohydrates from white rice and flour pivećavaju blood sugar and insulin levels which subsequently led to the production of androgens – hormones that directly causes acne.

If you have problems with acne try for a while to eat vegan, or to remove all foods containing oils and fats, even those good fats. After a while you will notice the difference.

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