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10 tips to lose weight without the hassle

Daily habits regarding nutrition, cheaters are why you unconsciously collect weight.


Do you want to lose weight without drastic dieting and in vain counting calories ? Write 10 rules for yourself and decide that you can follow the desired goal for perfect body without accumulating surplus.

1. Dilute the juice with acidic water. Combine your favorite juice (half the usual amount) with plain or acidic water. So you can cut as much as 85 calories per cup and each year lost at least 2.3 kg.

2. Check the information on the composition of foods. You thought that candy, bags of snacks or juice that you have just consumed contains about 200 calories, but when you look at the product label carefully, you’ll discover several shocking information about hidden sugars and additives that upset memory.

3. Drink green tea before walking. Caffeine releases fatty acids which helps to ease burning excess fat. And when the polyphenols in green tea together with caffeine, the effect is even greater. But if you have high blood pressure, skip this tip.

4. Instead of butter, use olive oil. For bread apply olive oil instead of butter. It’s healthier and will help you to eat less. According to one study, subjects who had dipped the bread in olive oil entered the 52 calories less than those who used butter.

5. Sprinkle cereal flax seeds. Linseed have a high proportion of fiber and can help to curb your appetite and eliminate calories. Add them to your morning cereal and pour them into yogurt, and you can bake healthy cookies with sesame linen and munch it any time of the day.

6. Mislead heard. Mints or eucalyptus can be misleading language, and so the current stop cravings.

7. Spice up meals. Add chili in your meals that will help you not to eat too often.

8. Do not over chop vegetables for a salad. Rather than burn or finely grated, Tear pieces larger pieces of zucchini, celery, carrots and other foods from which you set out to make a salad. You need to invest more effort in their chewing and will accordingly at the end of chew and eat less (no matter how unbelievable it may sound).

9. Buy smaller packages. Although large packages of food are cheaper, try to choose smaller boxes as you will, as revealed in a survey, eat as much as 44 percent less food.

10. Drink plenty of fluids. Dehydration can slow your metabolism around 3 percent. With body weight of 68 kilograms, this would mean approximately 45 fewer calories per day, giving a total of 2.3 kg of the excess annually.


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