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Fight wrinkles during sleep

Wrinkles are women’s enemy number one, and as soon as we notice that little, the smallest, we move in a fight to the last breath.

Follow our steps to the anti-wrinkle fight no less than during sleep.

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We are all familiar with the term “beauty sleep”, but this is not just an empty phrase. Good sleep is generally very positive influence on our health including skin rejuvenation. Follow our steps and take advantage of all the benefits of sleep for the skin of your face.

First and foremost rule is that you do not go to bed with makeup on your face! When you remove makeup before going to sleep you also clean the pores of dirt and grease so that the skin at night can feel free and can unimpeded breathing. If you are sometimes too tired to stand before a mirror in the bathroom and clean your face, bedside always keep wipes for removing makeup.

Night is the perfect time for placing various anti-wrinkle serum, because we raise the body temperature at night which is very conducive to these products better and more intensive work. Look for serums that contain vitamins A and E, which will help the emergence of collagen and preserves your skin firm and elastic.

After you have greased the face do not forget the skin of the neck, chest, arms and legs, because these are areas that also require additional hydration.

When we sleep raises levels of blood flow to the skin, which stimulates cells to work eight times faster than during the day. Less than 6 hours of sleep will increase production of the stress hormone cortisol, which slows down the production of collagen and the result of the more pronounced lines on your face.

To sleep better and easier to fall asleep can help you a cup of chamomile tea before bedtime or essential oils of jasmine or lavender, whose few drops you put in a bowl of water. There are lotions for the body based lavender to calm and help us to fall asleep more easily and also prevents the formation of wrinkles.


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