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The perfect everyday makeup routine

We are confident that a very small number of women in the morning before work has time to devote makeup as much as they would like. Fortunately there are many products that all work greatly to facilitate and in a short time we can look quite decent.

makeup womenIn order for a short time to look fresh, rested and cover all the flaws on your face, and that of course look natural, you would apply the following tips:

Use a mouse pad and hydrate the skin prior to placing the same. It is very important that before putting surfaces well lubricated the skin with moisturizer, wait a bit to absorb and apply the concealer. In this way the powder will be spread evenly over your face and complexion will look very evenly which will automatically take years off your face. Pressed well with sponge or brush.

Use bronzer for contouring the face. Bronzer brush, apply first to the top of the forehead and the hairline to the ears and below the cheekbones. Then put some bronzer under the jaw to her chin.

Do not use blush for contouring. Blush apply only to the top of the cheekbones, not for contouring. When it is applied smile and apply it so that in some way the rate with bronzer.

Mascara opens up your eyes, do not omit. One thing you should be careful not to put too much mascara as this might create lumps and you can get too look for the morning, and it certainly does not want.

Outline the lips when they are open. This way you will not create a surplus in the corners later be deleted and it will automatically save a little old times.

To summarize for fast, easy, and very effective layout you need powder, bronzer, blush, a little mascara, pencil and lipstick for your lips.

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