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3 ways to make rose water

Rose water is used in cosmetics because of the wonderful scent, but also because of its anti-inflammatory properties, to refine pores and as a toner for those with light complexion and dry skin.

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There is a point to buy only if purchased from trusted manufacturers, clean, made ​​preferably from organic roses. In some pharmacies in sales there rose water made ​​from synthetic rose oil and some preservatives. It is not the best choice. True, pure rose water is that which is obtained from distilled water with rose petals.

We bring you three instructions on how to make yourself rose water. You used your roses from the garden, but it is important that they are not treated. You can ask your flower-girl to let you know when it arrive fresh roses (provided they are untreated, the best organic).

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With the help of ice

This recipe is not as complicated as you may do so at first. Gather 4 to 8 roses in full bloom. (Approximately 4 cups of petals). Prepare a larger pot and a large, flat smooth stone as close to the form of bricks. In a saucepan place the stone, pour water just enough to reach the top of the stone, on which it is necessary to put an oval bowl in microwave oven (or similar container). Put on the stove and wait for it to boil. Reduce the heat. The water around the stone put rose petals, that have been sunk in a little apple vinegar to remove some pests and bugs, who settled in roses. (Roses spoon to push them sunk into the water). Put it all on the stove to medium heat and cover it, but so that the lid is turned upside down, to water vapor easily poured into the container to stone, with which, in fact, collect rose water. On the cover put ice cubes. Leave everything to simmer gently for 15 minutes exactly. Remove from the stove. Your rose water has accumulated in the container. Remove from the pan and leave to cool, then pour into a jar or spray bottle. Guide can stand for several weeks.

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The simplest method

Six cups of rose petals placed in 4 cups of water in oven safe pan on the stove. Simmer 15 minutes and strain. Filtered water, pour into a glass jar and keep in the fridge. Has a shorter shelf life.


Squashed roses

Prepare a 16-20 cup or 500 grams of rose petals. Divide them into two equal parts. One part of the mash porcelain or wooden pestle and leave the ceramic dish to rest for a few hours. Add the second part of the petal, non-squashed, Mix all, and cover the pan and leave to rest for 24 hours. Do not put the batter into a ceramic pan (do not use metal) and at a lower temperature simmer short. As soon as the first bubbles appear, remove from the stove. Strain the liquid through cheesecloth, squeezing Repeat the process if necessary. Over brim in a jar, cover and let stand in a sunny spot for several days. Keep in the fridge, and to get a rosewater, dilute the liquid with distilled water.


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