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Prevent flu

If you don’t want to get sick from the flu this winter, and do not want to be vaccinated, these tips can help you to naturally avoid the virus and stay healthy during the cold period.

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If you do not get sick from the flu this winter, but do not want to be vaccinated, these tips can help you to naturally avoid the virus and stay healthy during the cold period.

Since the flu and colds can be protected only diet. If you eat healthy, it will strengthen your immune system and help the body defend itself against viral and bacterial infections.

We bring you the advice of nutritionists, how to stay healthy, that is, pay attention to the foods that should be avoided:


Nutritionists recommend a reduced intake of sugar in the winter, because these foods have zero percent of nutrients. Only increases the level of sugar in the blood and reduces the body’s ability to fight off bacteria and viruses. In the autumn and winter months, experts advise limited intake of these foods.

Avoid food with a higher percentage of refined sugar such as candy and soft drinks. Instead, it is recommended to consume foods that will stabilize blood sugar in the body, such as brown rice, chickpeas and lentils, and so strengthen the immune system.

Free sugars

Sugar is hidden in Simple carbohydrates such as cornflakes and white bread, which many choose as the main food for breakfast. The consumption of simple carbohydrates, namely, the body can quickly turn into glucose, and thus creates the same problems for the body as white sugar. Instead, choose cereals such as oats and barley, possibly in combination with organic almond milk, chopped banana and cinnamon.
Industrial sugar and products that are in the body quickly converted into glucose weaken immunity and exposure to seasonal diseases.

Fatty and fried foods

There are many reasons to avoid foods loaded with saturated fat, such as fried meat and potatoes. Regular consumption of this prepared food increases the level of blood pressure and risk of cardiovascular disease, but also weakens the immune system.

Nutritionists point out that the choice of food is crucial for the body’s resistance to disease and other external factors. Because counsel moderation and to periodically replace red meat healthier proteins such as beans and other legumes.


You do not have to give up glasses of red wine with dinner, but it would certainly be aware of the quantity of alcohol that enter the body. Some will say that alcohol efficiently warms the body and therefore imposes a logical solution during cold weather.

But numerous studies have shown that excessive alcohol abuse weakens the immune system and so exposes you to a variety of seasonal diseases. One drink will not hurt, but three cups of alcohol will be definitely a harmful.

Dairy products

And dairy products are full of hidden sugar, so it is recommended moderate intake of these foods during the cold period. American scientists have linked consumption of milk, yogurt and cheese with problems in the organs of respiration. Specifically, doctors have found that cow’s milk may secretions (phlegm) in the lungs and throat do so dense and slow recovery from disease. Instead drink healthier alternatives such as rice milk, or organic liquids of almonds.

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