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How to avoid hot temperature for child while sleeping during extreme heat

The child should sleep in a room where the temperature is between 60-68 F, but when it is very hot outside, you should take special measures that the baby would not be hot while sleeping.

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Experts say it is not advisable to burn climate in rooms where the baby sleeps and spends a lot of time. The baby can not be exposed to cold air from the air conditioner. During the warmer days it is necessary to make sure the baby dress when put to sleep, and we bring you some very important advice.

How to dress the baby during extreme heat

Baby dress depending on how hot it is outside. In the first place the baby’s krevaca remove all unnecessary bedding. If the baby wearing a diaper over a cotton onesie will be enough to sleep on blankets and sheets without it if the temperature is around 24 degrees. If you still think it’s too warm feel free to leave the baby to sleep alone in a diaper.

From the crib also remove all soft toys to air circulated and not Bibi stuffy. In some rooms in the apartment open the windows so that a gentle breeze coming up to the room where the baby sleeps.

How to lower the temperature in the baby’s room

Before sleeping baby’s room, try to cool by fans and not let the blows directly towards the baby and always keep it away as far away from the crib. When the nights are very few hot wet towel and then categorize them over a chair and a window in the nursery. As they dried so it will gradually cool air.

Flights oilcloth sure to remove the baby’s bed because the baby will be even warmer. During the day, close the blinds and draw the curtains to sunlight does not reach. If the baby falls asleep in a wheelchair, often prveravajte because it collapses very quickly heated up and the baby can become stifling. Flights can not leave your baby to sleep in the car in its sedalici even if the window is open.

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