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Exercise makes you eternal youth

Many people associate aging with decline in strength, flexibility, changes in the cardiovascular system…


Many people associate aging with decline in strength, flexibility, changes in the cardiovascular system, bone density, mental and physical functions. Most of the physiological weakness appears for inactivity and not a natural consequence of aging. Recent research shows that it’s never too late to start with exercises against premature aging, and that even small improvements you make to your lifestyle can bring great benefits. Studies show that exercise can get 2-6 years of life, and dramatically improve your vitality. For those of you who are trying to lose weight, guess who is the principal factor of success in maintaining your desired weight? You guessed it, exercise!

For maximum impact effect of rejuvenation combine all types of exercise:

Cardiovascular system – Almost every day, take at least 30 minutes. Beginning his twentieth year, adults lose 1 percent annually aerobic function. The study showed that in just three months, sixty may renew their aerobic fitness and be like a forty-year. If you are already doing the 30 minutes a day, consider a slight increase in the frequency or endurance during exercise.

Strength Training – 2-3 times a week. After 30 years of gradually losing muscle mass. It’s never too late to start, and well-being are starting to show sometime after the third week, and since then has only improved. Strength training alone will not make them stronger, but will maintain bone density and prevent falls, and improve metabolism. In this way also helps in reducing weight.

Exercise to vitality

Flexibility – At least four times a week. Stretch is very easy and you can at home, and even (if you must) and while watching television. Many people neglect stretching exercises, but they are an integral part of the recipe for healthy aging. If stretching is performed correctly, the movement will improve, you will help prevent injury, and is beneficial for pain, which many attributed to aging.

Mind – Body – Studies show that exercises that connect the mind and body, yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates are only a few of them, help you maintain emotional and physical health.


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